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Zdalne sterowanie przez telefon - zestaw do samodzielnego montażu

Producent: Velleman
145,00 zł135,00 zł
This kit makes it possible to turn up to three devices on or off over the telephone. It is also possible to check the condition of a switch (open or closed). Example : when you are away on holiday, you may switch the lights on and off from time to time, check the alarm or turn on the heating before returning home. A major advantage of this circuit lies in the fact that audio signals are used to tell whether a specific output has been turned on or off. Operation is protected by a user defined code, which is simply keyed in from the telephone keypad.


  • a relay is included for one output: 10A / 250VAC
  • automatic pick-up can be selected for ± 8 or ± 3 rings
  • automatic hang-up if no code is entered within 20 seconds
  • supply voltage: 12VAC / 300mA
  • dimensions: 105 x 130mm / 4.1 x 5.1"